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Monty EichMonty-Monty has been doing improv professionally since he was 16 and has performed thousands of shows, some of them good. Outside of the Weisenheimers, you can hear Monty’s voice on bot television and radio commercials throughout the the heartland as well as seeing his form on billboards and television commercials. A father of two, Monty is fat and losing his hair (sexy.)
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Theresa SindelarTheresa-Theresa Sindelar is an award winning actress with countless performances on her resume. She has toured America, performed in the wilderness and picked up some impressive awards. She’s a commercial actress, spokeswoman and cake decorator. Theresa can sing, dance and work with frosting. Theresa is very tall.See more of Theresa here.
Cullen ChollettCullen-Cullen grew up in a small town, he dreamed of being a famous comedian. Well, he is a comedian at least.  Cullen has acted in several productions in Omaha. He is a former broadcaster and “Morning Zoo” producer. He is a Father of one and most importantly, Cullen has a beard.
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