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Monty- Born in Vegas, raised in Nebraska, Monty Eich has been doing improv professionally since he was 16. A self-taught, actor and improvisor he’s performed thousands of shows, some of them good. Monty is a founding member of the Weisenheimers, starting with our very first show. Outside of the Weisenheimers, he is an actor and voice over artist as well as an occasional Stand-Up Comedian. Monty spent 15 years in the radio industry including 7 years of a morning show on a syndicated network. He left radio when his therapist made him see it was an abusive relationship and has since become a User Experience designer in the corporate world. You can still hear Monty’s voice on both television and radio commercials throughout the the flyover states as well as seeing his form on billboards and television commercials. A father of two, Monty is fat and losing his hair (Sorry folks, he’s married too.)
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Theresa-Theresa Sindelar is an award winning actress with countless performances on her resume. She has toured America, performed in the wilderness and picked up some impressive awards. She’s a commercial actress, spokeswoman and cake decorator. Theresa can sing, dance and work with frosting. Theresa is tall, but doesn’t hold that over anyone. See more of Theresa here.
Cullen- Cullen Chollett is just a small town Iowa kid who moved to the big city when his factory working parents decided they didn’t want to commute 45 minutes one way to work in Omaha any more.  He graduated from college with a Broadcasting degree and even spent some time on airwaves as Farley in various Sweet 98.5 Morning shows.   Since then he’s built bikes at Toys R Us, been a landscaper and has spent the last 18 years being a wee bitty cog in a giant corporate machine.  The best thing about the corporate gig was that it left his nights free to do various productions on stages around Omaha.  Before joining the Weisenheimers in 2010, he did some shows with the now defunct Mr. Chicago Improv Comedy Jam.  Mr. Chicago’s claim to fame was having a propensity to perform sketch comedy and improv in bars next to the Missouri River.  In his spare time, Cullen is a family man, spending time listening to music and having Nerf gun fights with his wife, Marilyn, and son, Bentley, while trying not to go broke feeding his sneaker addiction.
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