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THE WEISENHEIMERS – Omaha’s longest running improv team specializing in short form. They are a great group of super solid comedians and one of only 2 short form shows the entire weekend. This is a great reason to show up early! Featuring Monty Eich and Cullen Chollett.

KITTEN BOMB – Formed by cast members and students from the Last Laugh Comedy Theater in Des Moines. The group developed a new form called the Hannah Montana which combines the best of a Harold and a fast paced Montage. Kitten Bomb currently hosts a monthly long form show in downtown Des Moines. Featruing Andrew Rasmussen, Laura Merz, Eli Gross, Matt Still, Chris Huling, Michael Ladell Harris, Jessica Elwell, Jill Leary, Chris Tedford, and Thomas Matysik.

KC IMPROV COMPANY – KICK Theatre’s premiere improv troupe will be performing The Shreddar. They will start off by telling a story based off your suggestion. Featruing Rocky Alterman, Anne Cuddy, Colter Lemmon, Tim Marks, David Martinez, Phil Morris, Anna May Smith.


WORLD CHAMPIONS – Featuring Rob Alesiani and Kristen Schier from Philadelphia, this duo is a show not to miss.

BEARDED COMPANY – The Bearded Company has been performing and teaching together nationally and internationally since 2006. They have groups in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. The Beards focus on genre-based narrative improv using strong characters and storytelling. Basically, a story from beginning to end. Sharpen your swords, grab your rocket pack, and get ready for one hell of an adventure. Featuring Joe Rapp, MJ Marsh, Lucas Vonasek, Tyler Mills, Tyler Michaels.

3PEAT – 3Peat is a critically acclaimed and award winning Improv/Sketch/Stand Up Group. The members met while performing and teaching at The Second City and iO Theater in Chicago. Tired of each being the only minority in their shows, the group came together to create their own brand of comedy that fits their high energy and experiences. The team boasts members that write and perform in Television, film, and on stage across the world. Don’t miss this show! Our cast has worked on or currently works on Saturday Night Live, The late show with Stephen Colbert, Popstar, Disjointed (Netflix), Wild N’ Out, 50 Central (BET), Chicago Med, Julius (NYTVF), Bouncers, Second City ETC, Second City Main Stage, Second City Touring Company, and Numerous Commercials. Featuring Nnamdi Ngwe, Torian Miller, Lisa Beasley, Dewayne Perkins, Allison Ringhand, John Thibodeaux, Shantira Jackson.


KEVIN MCDONALD SKETCH SHOWCASE – Kevin McDonald will be presenting a number of sketches and other material featuring other great guests at the festival! Featuring Rob Alesiani, Kristen Schier, Justin Franzen, Max Schwartz, Amey Goerlich.

TOP COACHES SHOW – This show will feature our top performers getting together for this one time only! Featuring Kevin McDonald, Seth Morris, Amber Ruffin, Mary Holland, Stacey Smith, John Thibodeaux





August 11