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MattMatt-Matt Geiler has been doing Improv comedy for over half his life. A veteran commercial actor and Television performer, Matt is a Renaissance man, a children’s author and illustrator, a dancer and lord of the memes, and a performer not only with the Weisenheimers and Wayne Brady, but also as a solo performer and musician. Matt completed conservatory training at Second City in Chicago. Matt is very tall.
MarvMarv-A seasoned improviser, Marv has been doing comedy since high-school. A founding member of the Weisenheimers marv continues to do comedy in Austin, Texas. He is an accomplished speaker, guitarist and actor. Marv also ran a marathon and we are all very impressed.
JeniferJen-A founding member of the Weisenheimers, Jennifer is responsible for our name. Smed as she is known in the group, is a commercial actress, writer and comedian who has trained in Los Angeles at both the Second City and the Groundlings. Smed is a mother and had some minor success with her #imomsohard videos and tour dates. Jenifer is not very tall.