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The Weisenheimers ready to perform at the county fair.

The Weisenheimers ready to perform at the county fair.

Iowa raised, the Weisenheimers have performed comedy in Audubon, Anamosa, Des Moines, Dubuque, Council Bluffs, Sioux City, Shenandoah, Ida Grove, Carroll, Webster City, Denison and in a lot towns in between!

If you have an office or group and are looking for a professional, local Iowa private party, corporate event, and banquet entertainment the Weisenheimers are ready to delight you!
If you are looking for exciting, interactive entertainment the Weisenheimers improv comedy group can provide you with a local Iowa corporate event, private party or employee appreciation banquet that is world class! Make your next event memorable, get your quest engaged and get them laughing!

Albert the Bull

The Weisenheimers helped raised over $20k for Audubon, IA’s Rose Theater!

The Weisenheimers are the most experience entertainers in Iowa comedy for private parties, banquets and corporate events. With a cast of funny comedians and customized shows. Want to celebrate a big project? Want to get your organizations cut-ups involved? The Weisenheimers will add inside jokes, special scenes and volunteers from your group or office to create an event EVERYONE will be talking about (in a good way!)

Improvisational comedy is a unique and fun way to entertain your group. It’s fast paced and always fresh, never to be seen again. Everything is made up on the spot and the audience is a huge part of the action! Your guests decide how much a part they want to play!

Think outside the banquet hall. Sure the Weisenheimers improv comedy group does great in restaurants and hotels, buy they can come directly into your office or even your home! Bring the funny right to your co-workers or the amusement of your family! Workshops, weddings or a reward for a job well done! Open yourself to new ideas and possibilities that you might not have even imagined.

Give a boost of excitement to your next meeting, add some extra umpf to the annual awards gathering. Weisenheimer shows and workshops are a fantastic way to get people working together. From team building to leadership training the Weisenheimers bring a big impact. Reward your group for the all the hard work, show some employee recognition make them laugh with a Weisenheimers improv performance. The Weisenheimers have been entertaining at office holiday parties since 1997! The Weisenheimers are professional and experienced an can help you plan with ideas that can help you make your event the best ever.

Iowa Comedy Improv Festival Stoner Theater

Iowa, you do make us smile, Iowa comedy has produced many a brilliant entertainers and The Weisenheimers are following in the footprints Donna Reed and John Wayne. From the Missouri to the Mississippi, from downtowns to the co-ops and from ear to ear (of corn.) The Weisenheimers are as Iowan as Pork Chops. Learn more about having the Weisenheimers improv comedy group join you at your next big time Iowa corporate event, private party or other big time event in Des Moines, Council Bluffs and the rest of the state.

Iowa private parties for families or corporate events are improved through improv. And for a state as interesting and diverse as the people are, the Weisenheimers are ready to entertain you! After all, we’ve heard we’re good!

Ask us about our performances throughout the state including Council Bluffs, Des Moines, Dubuque, Denison, Sioux City, Shenandoah, Ida Grove, Carroll, Webster City and almost everywhere else.