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What To Expect

What can you expect from a Weisenheimer show?

Good question, but and easy one to answer, you’ll get a highly customizable comedy show that involves the audience as well as entertains them.

The Weisenheimers perform Improv Comedy meaning nothing we will preform is scripted and every comedy scene will be based on the audiences suggestions, the audience is engaged. Our comedy is broad, we have performed for Church Groups and Shiners, children to retirees, plumbers to doctors, morticians to sororities. When you book the Weisenheimers you choose a rating, G through R just like the movies and we will stick to that rating.

Have a clown in the office? Give us your “good sports” ahead of time or let us just get volunteers. Want us to make light of a group project? Give us the details and we will add that to our show! You are in full control!

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