Weisenheimers Improv Comedy Group from Omaha nebraska

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[6 Apr 2020 | No Comment | ]
Wow guys. The world sort of went crazy huh? Well, we don’t have a guest, we just have us and we are talking about social distancing, renting naughty movies and hope.

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[23 Mar 2020 | No Comment | ]

A new Episode Drops… and this one does not disappoint. Podcast editor and producer (The Deuce , ABC D-bags, Village Vidiots) Shares a great story of meeting a famous frontier woman in Texas and not being able to hold ’em… then face down like solitaire.

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[17 Feb 2020 | No Comment | ]

The man who loaded the Dancing Pumpkin Man on youtube comes on the show to talk about being a TV doctor and a globe trotting, nay globe galloping, romantic! This story will throw you and leave you all wet!