Weisenheimers Improv Comedy Group from Omaha nebraska

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[8 Apr 2019 | No Comment | ]

On this episode, Executive Sous Chef at TD Ameritrade Chris Meyers joins us to talk food and baseball and mostly about Tater Tots- Giant effing Tater Tots… Cullen, Monty and Theresa can barely contain themselves. Oh and Chris blah, blah blas a national tragedy and makes a woman feel terrible!

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[20 Mar 2019 | No Comment | ]

Well, what a treat! The Prodigal Weisenheimers has returned! We’re joined by former Weisenheimer and awesome lady Melissa Saunders! She tells us that Disney is a fun filled place– and she was filled with a lot more than fun!

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[4 Mar 2019 | No Comment | ]

Nebraska State Senator Wendy Deboer joins Cullen, Theresa and Monty and explains how a bill becomes a law and how a Doctoral candidate becomes a… candidate? Anyway, along the way we hear some poetry.