Weisenheimers Improv Comedy Group from Omaha nebraska

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[7 Nov 2022 | No Comment | ]

It’s time. Gather your friends, your family, and your casual acquaintances. Now in their 25th year of bringing improvised comedy to Omaha, the Weisenheimers are back at the Omaha Community Playhouse. These shows are high energy, inclusive and hilarious. Don’t miss this special event.

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[4 Oct 2021 | No Comment | ]

Ripped from the headlines! A Florida man is aroused by the police, shirtless, black eye and covered in blood. If you have a story you want to share, email us! Worse@weisenheimers.com.

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[12 Sep 2021 | No Comment | ]

Christi wrote us at worse@weisenheimers.com with a tale of training gone wrong. Normally we don’t do doo doo stories but this one was compelling. Will her cousin-in-law’s carpeting be destroyed?