Weisenheimers Improv Comedy Group from Omaha nebraska

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[8 Sep 2021 | No Comment | ]

We’re back! The Omaha comedy pioneers the Weisenheimers return to the stage, live, vaccinated, slightly chubbier, in person with a lot of baked goods! Improvisational Comedy returns to the Omaha Community Playhouse!

November 12, 2021 — 7:30 pm. — $20

Get tickets here or call 402-553-0800

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[4 Oct 2021 | No Comment | ]

Ripped from the headlines! A Florida man is aroused by the police, shirtless, black eye and covered in blood. If you have a story you want to share, email us! Worse@weisenheimers.com.

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[12 Sep 2021 | No Comment | ]

Christi wrote us at worse@weisenheimers.com with a tale of training gone wrong. Normally we don’t do doo doo stories but this one was compelling. Will her cousin-in-law’s carpeting be destroyed?