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The Weisenheimers perform at the First Congregational United Church of Christ

Comedy in the sanctuary.

When the Weisenheimers were founded in April of 1997, our goal was a pretty simple one- find folks who needed to laugh, and then be funny for them. Over the last two decades we’ve done a fairly good job of that- from Texas to the Dakotas, and from The Mississippi to the high plains we’ve traveled to all over to perform for companies, communities, churches and schools.
We just did a workshop and performance in Hastings, Nebraska at the First Congregational United Church of Christ. Like all of our workshops, we worked with FCUCC to determine the themes that they wanted our workshop to focus on… Communication, Acceptance, Creativity and Play.

Improv comedy  at the First Congregational United Church of Christ

Comedy for anybody.

Our afternoon workshop had folks from the congregation, the community and even the local college- all getting into the fun of improv. We Weisenheimers started them off with simple exercises to introduce the concept of “Yes and…” acceptance and collaboration. From there we did games that worked on indirect communication to foster group think, a classic game of freeze to foster creativity  and then a game of party quirks for fun.

We had a great time teaching the philosophy of improv- and although we always tell workshop participants they they do not need to be funny… there was more than enough jokes to go round! We even met a retiring teacher that might just have what it takes to go on the road with us!

The performance that night was also a blast! A lot kids and families in the audience, something we always enjoy seeing! (Although not all of our shows are “family friendly” we love a chance to bring comedy to anybody and everybody). So thanks to all the wonderful people at the First Congregational United Church of Christ who invited us out and thanks to all the great folks who came to our workshop and performance! Remember, wherever there is a group in need of a laugh- we’ll be there!

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Five time Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards winners

The Weisenheimers would like to formally thank the Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards for presenting us with our 5th win in the “Best Comedy Ensemble” category!

For 2 decades the Weisenheimers have been performing around Omaha, Nebraska, Iowa and the surrounding states with a singular mission… to make every audience laugh. We are a comedy improv group and we take our comedy very seriously, so this award is very appreciated.

The comedy scene in Omaha continues to grow. Other improv troupes have formed, stand-up and Sketch shows have honed their craft and the Weisenheimers have strived to remain a gold standard. We are driven to provide our corporate clients with a professional, quality experience whenever and wherever they need laughter.

To all our friends and fans, thank you for believing in us and let’s keep laughing together!

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In this Episode, local radio and TV personality Matt Tompkins shares a crappy story he hasn’t shared with anyone else! Like the Gambler you need to know when to hold em’!